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The Specialties in the Cat City

Cat Town's Delicacies


        Unlike the Seremban Siew Pau which we have in the peninsular, we Kuching people have our own famous Siew Pau. It is less polished, unlike its Seremban cousin, and looks ‘whitish beige’. The taste is more traditional too. Nevertheless, it is still yummy. Imagine it’s a Siew Pau that your grandma made - looks and tastes like that.

         Try the yam puff and curry puff too when you buy the Siew Pau. Legend has it that the two feuding Siew Pau makers along Carpenter Street in downtown Kuching (near Chinatown) make the same Pau because one learnt from the other and then decided to open a shop next to her mentor! Of course everyone says the original Pau from the original shop tastes better! You don’t have to visit the shop to buy the pau – you can get it just as easily from any coffee shop around Kuching


         Tebaloi is a famous native (Melanau) food in Sarawak. It is made from sago flour and tastes nice and crispy like a thicker version of Kuih Kapit (which in Kuching is called Kuih Sepit).

         It is a snack which locals don’t eat at all unless we buy them for visiting or out-of-town friends! It is sweet and sometimes flavored with pepper to make your taste buds dance! It’s a must-try delicacy in Kuching. Where to grab it? It can be found in souvenir shops all around Kuching.

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