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The Specialties in the Cat City

Activities In Kuching

WIND CAVE & FAIRY CAVE          Wind Cave and Fairy Cave is smaller than the infamous Mulu Cave and Niah Cave, the two caves provide quite a lot of fun for visitors as visitors can explore these caves by them self without a guide.

        There are little possibilities that you might get lost in these caves as pavements and plank walks are provided unless you decided to venture to the unpaved area of the cave.

        Inside these caves, there are rock formations that aged thousand of years. These caves are full with bats and swiftlets, sometimes you can even see cave frogs, strange cave insects and even cave crabs. The Bau River which is beside the entrance of the Wind Cave is a perfect for a swim after exploring the caves. You might also want to bring along a good pair of sport shoe as the floors in the caves are quite slippery and donít forget to bring a torch light too.


       If you think you are fit, full of confidence and have a good pair of sport shoes then you are ready for Mount Santubong. Mount Santubong is not that easy to climb especially for rookie climbers, the climb is really steep, especially when it is nearer to the top. Many people give up half way because they underestimated Mount Santubong or they over-estimated their own capabilities.

         After 3-4 hours of climbing depending on your fitness, you will reach the peak of Mount Santubong and be rewarded a breath taking view.

          You will need another 2 hours to descend Mount Santubong; therefore you should plan your hike wisely and bring adequate food and water. Itís recommended to start the hike early in the morning to avoid spending the night in the wilderness (highly not recommended :).

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