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The Specialties in the Cat City

Shopping in the Cat City


          Sunday Market (Pasar Minggu in Malay), off Jln. Satok. A Kuching institution, starts at every Saturday afternoon and winding down by noontime Sunday. Very much a workaday market, with tourists few and far between, the emphasis is on fresh food of every description. Be sure to try some Apam Balik (pancake with nuts and margarine, very filling, absolutely delicious and only RM1 a piece, very cheap right?).

       Bring along suitable footwear plus a tolerance for heat, crowds and powerful odors from the goods.The Sunday market is a colorful place where villagers from the region bring their fresh jungle herbs and fruits not available elsewhere. Traders bring their goods in on Saturday afternoon and the Sunday market as early as 5 am.

This exciting market offers visitors a chance to explore the unusual herbs, fruits, plants and animals that Sarawakians use in food and medicine, including pets! The ambience and the friendly locals make this an exciting outing in the heart of Kuching.


         Hock Lee Centre is one of the largest shopping centre, the largest underground car parks, and the longest shopping corridor in Kuching. The high quality exterior is a composition of large panel of imported deep red African granite with thick laminated glass curtain wall. A large water feature at the main entrance to Hock Lee Centre, welcomes visitors into the building.

         The surrounding of the complex is beautifully landscaped to create for all walks of life, a feel of soft easy garden atmosphere. The fourth floor roof top of shopping podium houses a landscape garden, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and sauna with a fully equipped Health Club at Level 3. It is consider as one of the high-class shopping podium in Kuching.

       You can find all sorts of things inside there from Daily necessities to food and entertainment as there are restaurants, amusement park, and all kinds of shops.

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