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The Specialties in the Cat City

Shopping in the Cat City


          Wisma Saberkas lies along Jalan Tun Haji Openg. Pass through the front doors and enter a realm of entrancing lights, flashy storefronts, delightful decors, the latest products (such as hand phones and computers) and convenient services.

         This mall is oriented for people from all walks of life to come, sit and shop The mall is located in the not far away from the central part of Kuching and it has become the major shopping centre for people who live in the area of Third Miles, Green Road and Batu Lintang, especially the youth.

;        The uniqueness about the place is it houses the branded and leading departmental store of Sarawak which is Nguikee that offers a variety of items that includes clothes, food, stationeries, etc that all with a reasonable price. They house other stores, too! Such as the Hush Puppies, Speedy, Cindy, and Hong Kong Noodles House. In a nutshell, there is surely something for everyone here. You are welcome to visit the mall during its opening hours daily from 10.30 am to 10.00 pm. <


          Riverside Shopping Complex is located opposite the Kuching Waterfront. It houses the famous Parkson Grand and the first-rate economy store in Malaysia, Giant. Parkson Grand is well-known as the place to shop for fashion accessories such as clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, shoes, jewelleries, watches and many more.

           You can also find places to grab a bite in the building or take a glance at the latest magazines. If you have extra stamina and skills, try out your luck at the 24 lane Riverside Superbowl on the fifth floor for a great game of bowling.

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