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The Specialties in the Cat City

Cat Town's Delicacies


          According to the traditions, Bee Phang is eaten by the Hakka during Chinese New Year. They come with various types: with sesame seeds, with peanuts, meat floss, etc.

          It may not be hugely popular among the locals or the tourists, but this unique delicacy is worth for a try, so go grab a bite and you will be mesmerized by the simple and yet exotic scent of this Sarawakian Hakka favorite. Who knows, you might just love it too much to let go!


          Umai is a native food made from raw fish. It tastes like the famous Japanese Sashimi, except that it is infamous among most people in Kuching. Any type of fresh fish can be used to make umai.

           Also, you can have two types of umai - one is shredded raw fish mixed with sliced onions, lime juice, salt, sugar and chilies or the other type which is plain sliced raw fish (akin to sashimi) eaten with a spicy chili dip. Both taste equally good. If you canít eat raw food, please donít try this at home, but if you adore raw food vengeance, go for it.

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